the Spot

The life, the spot. Orange County is coined as the laid-back SoCal lifestyle, where you surf the sunset into a starry night.

While that is absolutely true, OC is also the new mecca to cutting-edge business and technology. The competition here is growing fast and we predict it will be at the forefront of progressive strategies that will sustain the future of work and lifestyle.

We plan to surf the wave into and help shape the face of Orange County. With all the great minds collaborating here, our inspiration is fresh. New design perspectives and integration is our driving force. 

LA and NY have taught us a lot about design and we have taken notes. As a fast-growing little brother, we tend to grow bigger and taller. We're all caught up on our studies and intend improve and add-on to the journal of design and marketing. We'll be carrying you on our shoulders sooner that you think.

the Designer

SpotLife is made up of designers named Martin(s) (we're pseudo entrepreneurs). We study the industry closely and try to pick it apart. While our main focus is design, we stay open-minded to all ideas and input. Martins' diverse interests allow us to compare and capitalize ideas from other markets. Having Martins as designers also makes for great critiquing and problem-solving.

All Martins are here ready to create.