Everything is to be considered



Orange County is coined as the laid-back SoCal lifestyle, where you surf the sunset into a starry night ... it is absolutely true! The flip side is a booming economy setting new standards in all industries.

Does your company command attention? Branding and identity is the backbone to all successful companies.

L.A. and N.Y. have taught us a lot about design and related industries. We have taken notes. As a fast-growing little brother, we tend to grow bigger and taller. We'll be carrying you on our shoulders sooner that you think.

New term floating around here is Silicon Beach. Are you part of what's going on around here?


Where other firms coexist in the realm of marketing-design, design-marketing. SpotLife's also integrates with physical forms and sub-straights. Kiosks, signage and other custom jobs are available. High-end work starts here. 


  • Print Campaigns
  • Website Campaigns
  • Website Collateral

Branding & Identity

  • Development & Strategy
  • Message & Voice
  • Guidelines
  • Stationary Systems


  • Graphic Design (Branding & Identity)
  • Interior & Exterior Design (Including Carpentry)

Digital Media

  • Website Design
  • Website Analytics
  • Interactive Demonstrations
  • Photo Retouching & Correction
  • Promotional Videos


  • Product Design & Modeling
  • Display & Signage Design (Wood & Various Materials)
  • Kiosk/Booth Design & Setup
  • Various Carpentry

Online Marketing

  • Email Campaigns
  • eBlasts
  • Social Media

Print Collateral

  • Annual Reports
  • Banners, Billboards & Signage
  • Brochures
  • Information Graphics
  • Packaging
  • Point-of-Purchase
  • Presentations
  • Press/Media Kits
  • Stationary Systems
  • Trade Show Graphics